10th Battalion – The Frontier Force Regiment (10 FF)

We find 10 FF at the outbreak of this war near Raiwind. Being a motor battalion it formed part of an armored formation and was equipped with armored personnel carriers, fairly recently obtained in the United States Military Assistance Programme.

On September 8th, 1965 the battalion was moved into the bridgehead in the Khem Karan sector and early next morning was subjected to a heavy enemy air attack. However, 4 Armoured Brigade in which 10 FF was grouped advanced towards the village of Mast Garh. The battalion, led by a squadron of tanks from 5 Horse, then continued the advance in the direction of Bhure Karimpur village.

Some of the tanks were bogged down and since there was little light left. the Brigade Commander decided to go into a brigade leaguer just east of Mast Garh. The confusion of battle during this night was at a high level and little food came up on the evening of September 9th because some of the ration vehicles and water trailers were destroyed by enemy shelling.

On September 10th, the brigade advanced in a northerly direction. 4 Cavalry with A Company 10 FF were in the lead and were ordered to go for milestone 32 on the Khem Karan-Tarantaran road. There was some confusion later on as to the correct direction and there was some difference of opinion between the Brigade Commander and the Commanding Officer on this point. The battalion advance was led by C Company and Lieutenant Ahmad Munir commanded the leading platoon. When this platoon had reached Lakhna it came under heavy artillery- and small arms fires. Lieutenant Ahmad Munir manoeuvred his platoon to the west of Lakhna, and while doing so was hit by a burst of enemy automatic fire.

Soon after this, enemy tanks took on the APC.s and knocked out 2 APC.’s of C Company, including the one from which Lieutenant Ahmad Munir was commanding. At this time our own tanks came forward and the position was stabilized. Lieutenant Ahmad Munir was awarded a posthumous Sitara-e-Jurat for this action.

The Brigade Commander came up to the battalion and ordered it to make a shorter hook in the direction of the village of Chima and to establish contact with the enemy by last light. As dusk approached a major tank battle developed and it was difficult to tell friend from foe. It appears that the battalion was also attacked by our own tanks at some stage.

On September 11th the battalion was pulled back to hold a frontage of some 3,500 yards on the left of Khem Karan. Here in conjunction with 2 FF (Guides) they held up the enemy’s attack. Cease fire on September 23rd found the battalion again ready for offensive action and probing forward aggressively. In one such action they captured an officer and a few other ranks of the Indian Army.

The following officers were serving with the battalion during this war;

Lieutenant-Colonel Fazal Karim
Major Ghulam Rabbani Khan
Major Shah Nawaz
Major S.K.H. Naqvi
Captain Sarbiland Khan
Captain Syed Raziq Ullah Shah
Captain Muhammad Akram Khan
Captain Nisar Ahmad
Captain Agha Wajahat Hussain
Captain Sabir Kamal Meyer
Lieutenant Ahmad Munir
Lieutenant Mumtaz Ali
2/Lieutenant Javed Aziz Butt
2 /Lieutenant Adib Anwar Khan
Captain Mohammad Ismail, E.M.E.