12th Battalion – The Frontier Force Regiment (12 FF)

The battalion was serving under command of 7 Division as reconnaissance and support battalion. On September 1st, 1965, B and D Companies formed the spearhead of 102 Brigade’s attack on Burejal and Dalla posts and subsequently formed the firm base for operations of 11 Cavalry (FF) against the enemy position at Chhamb. On September 3rd, A and B Companies were placed under the command of 13 Lancers.

This force, together with 6 FF, was ordered to cross the river Tawi and advance along the axis Pallanwala-Khaur-Jaurian. A fierce battle between enemy AMX tanks and B Company developed near Troti feature, strongly held by the enemy, during the night of September 3/4. C Company carried out a right outflanking move and captured over fifty fleeing enemy.

On September 4 the battalion, less C and D Companies, established a firm base for 6 FF’s attack on Troti and Jaurian area, which was captured on September 5th after a severe fight, together with enemy tanks, vehicles, guns, arms and ammunition. Major B.A. Qazi, the gallant B Company Commander, who had been leading the advance since September 1st, was killed in this action.

On September 6, C and D Companies resumed the advance on parallel axes, followed by 6 FF and 8 Baluch. They repelled enemy counter-attacks of tanks and infantry, securing up to Fatwal and Najle Chak, deep in enemy territory, by September 8th.

From September 9th until the cease fire on September 23rd, 7 Division assumed a defensive role, repelling enemy counter-attacks, with 12 FF reinforcing brigade localities and providing front and flank protection and support.

The battalion casualties in 1965 were two officers killed, one wounded, eight other ranks killed and thirty-five wounded.

The following were serving with the battalion;

Lieutenant-Colonel Aslam Ali
Major M. Sarwar Khan
Major Rehmatullah
Major B.A. Qazi
Major Mohammad Akram
Major T.A.S. Banoori
Captain Mohammad Muneer Khan
Captain Mohammad Akram Khan
Captain Ghulam Mustafa
Lieutenant M. Yusuf Khan
Lieutenant Nasim Akbar Faruki
Lieutenant Aziz Ahmed Bokhari
2/Lieutenant Mohammad Akram
2/Lieutenant Jamshed Niazi