13th Battalion – The Frontier Force Regiment (13 FF)

13 FF was serving under the command of 15 Division as reconnaissance and support battalion with companies affiliated to various brigades, covering the main approaches to Sialkot-Shakargarh-Narowal sector, scene of the main effort of Indian army offensive launched with one armored and three infanty divisions.

On September 8th B Company bore the initial brunt of the enemy’s armored thrust in Charwa, Bajragarhi, Maharajke area, giving early warning, forcing the enemy to deploy and inflicting heavy casualties on the advancing enemy with recoilless rifle and machine gun fire, until by-passed and overrun. Thereafter the company was affiliated with 24 Brigade, reinforced battalion localities, provided flank protection, and took part in the epic battle of Chawinda under command of 6 Armoured Division during the period September 9th to 22nd.

A Company operated in the Jassar area, subsequently covering the approaches to Narowal, Lafarwal, and Dhamtal areas; C Company operating with 101 Brigade covered the approaches from Suchetgrah, while D Company operated in the Shakargarh area covering the main approaches from the north and east. As the battle for Chawinda developed, this company was moved to reinforce the Sialkot area under command of 104 Brigade. During the later stages of the war, Cobra anti-tank guided missiles were introduced into the battalion, elements of which were providing recce, support and protection both to 8 Division and 6 Armoured Division.

Throughout the hostilities, the battalion operated in a lightly held, tankable, open and vital area of the country, which bore the brunt of the major Indian offensive against Pakistan. It suffered one officer and one O.R. killed, three officers and thirty O.R. wounded and six O.R. missing. It was commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Bashir Khan during the first week ofthe war and thereafter by Lieutenant-Colonel Mian Taskinuddin.