1965 War

1965 India Pakistan Air War

“We are at war”, declared F. M. Mohammad Ayub Khan, N. Pk., H.J. at noon on September 6, 1965, when after checking from all fronts he confirmed that Indian had invaded Pakistan w with all its might and there was no question of there being any stray border incident. It was no exaggeration when he said, “The hundred million Pakistanis whose hearts beat with the sound of ‘None except Allah is worthy of obeisance’ will not rest until the Indian guns are silenced for ever.” The war that the President of Pakistan was referring to had been forced on his nation by the invasion of India.

An effort has been made in these pages to unfold the story and to unmask the Indian intentions, their object and how it culminated in the war of 1965. the manner in which India fought this war and her failure to achieve victory in the field is the direct result of her unsound political objectives.

From this section, my only hope is that I have been able to bring out the qualities which have crowned the efforts of Pakistani soldiers, sailors and airmen. So far I have been able to gather facts about the air and ground battle of this war. This section is still not complete without the sacrifices and brave performance of Pakistan Navy which will be presented in the near future.


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  • Courtesy of Zeeshan and Usman Shabbir.