1965 War Heros


Air Marshal M. Nur Khan

Air Marshal Nur Khan assumed command of Pakistan Air Force in July 1965. During 1965 war he set a personal example by flying several operational missions that kept the morale of his officers and men at an exceptionally higher level. His inspiring leadership and selfless devotion to duty significantly affected the course of air war in which the PAF managed to dictate terms to an overwhelmingly larger and better equipped enemy. For his valour, courage and distinguished leadership during 1965 war, he was conferred upon the gallantry award of Hilal-e-Juraat.

Group Captain Eric Gordon Hall

Group Captain Eric Gordon Hall in his capacity as Station Commander, Chaklala, played a very vital role during the war with India. All operations were conducted very successfully under exemplary guidance and inspiring leadership of Group Captain Eric Gordon Hall. No task was too hazardous for him. To set an example, he personally flew and led several operational missions that kept the morale of his officers and men at an exceptionally high level. For his courage and example beyond the call of duty, Group Captain Eric Gordan Hall was awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

Group Captain Mohammad Zafar Masud

As Commanding Officer of the most important operational station of the Pakistan Air Force, Group Captain Mohammad Zafar Masud showed great qualities of leadership, devotion to duty and organizing ability in the conduct of air operations against the enemy. On the day and night of 7th September, 1965 in particular, when the enemy made five successive attacks on our air fields and thier installations with Canberra bombers, Hunter and Mystere fighter bombers, the cool courage and determination with which the whole station faced the attacks and heavy damage inflicted by its fighters on the enemy aircraft, clearly indicated the high morale and professional efficiency achieved by the station personnel under the command of group Captain Masud. For his Contribution to the success of the Pakistan Air Force operation against the enemy during of the war, Group Captain Mohammad Zafar Masud wass awarded Hilal-i-Juraat.

[Obituary of M Zafar Masud]

Wing Commander Ayaz Ahmed Khan

Wing Commander Ayaz Ahmed Khan displayed great perseverance, drive and initiative in moulding a vital element of Air Defence Organization into a competent and efficient organization. The results of his efforts were so clearly evident in War as this Organization played the most significant part in the air defence of Pakistan. Not content with supervising this vital task, the officer asked to be allowed to carry out offensive missions in bombers and flew several such missions at night against the enemy . For his leadership and devotion to duty and display of great courage, He was awarded Sitara-i-Basalat.


Wing Commander Mohammad Ghulam Tawab

Wing Commander Mohammad Ghulam Tawab started taking part in operations from the very first day the hostilities began. He provided top cover for the first strike against Pathankot. During the War, he flew sixteen air defence missions and eight close support sorties. He took part in bombing of the Srinagar airfield and Jammu radar. He was responsible for destruction of ten enemy tanks and twenty vehicles. Such active participation in operations set an excellent example for all the fighter pilots at Peshawar. Wing Commander Mohammad Ghulam Tawab was, therefore, awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

[Obituary of M G Tawab

Wing Commander M Anwar Shamim

Wing Commander Muhammad Anwar Shamim in his capacity as Officer Commanding, fighter-bombers wing, made significant contribution to the high morale and aggressive attitude of the pilots who flew from this station. He efficiently managed the changing air defence and other requirements and ensured, while fully meeting these requirements, that the pilots got sufficient rest and other comforts to enable them to fly intelligently and confidently. During the operation, he led 14 air defence/escort missions and 5 ground attack missions. His leadership during these operational missions was aggressive and confident and served as a very good example for his pilots to follow . He accepted long hours of duty, including operational sorties at odd hours of the day, with enthusiasm. Wing Commander Muhammad Anwar Shamim was, therefore, awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

Wing Commander Masood Ahmed Sikandar

Wing Commander Masood Ahmed Sikander, in the capacity as Wing Leader, proved to be an excellent operational commander. He flew with zeal and enthusiasm and completed seventeen close support sorties and three air defence missions during these operations. Whilst attacking enemy armor, he was wounded when his aircraft was hit by ground fire. For his valour, courage and excellent leadership Wing Commander Masood Ahmed Sikander was awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

Wing Commander Nazir Latif

During the nights of 6th, 7th and 8th September, 1965, Wing Commander Nazir Latif led a flight of bombers on high and low level bombing of enemy airfields. Against intense enemy anti-aircraft fire and fighter opposition, he pressed home his attacks with great determination, courage and a high degree of accuracy. On two occasions, his aircraft was hit by anti aircraft guns but he flew back his aircraft and led the flights back to the base. For exceptional flying skill and valour displayed by him in the bombing operations against the enemy, the officer was awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

Wing Commander Salahuddin Zahid Butt

Wing Commander Salahuddin Zahid Butt is an exceptional transport pilot who applied his ability to the fullest limits in carrying out operational missions against the enemy. He flew a total of 8 sorties which included supply dropping and paratrooping over enemy territory. The hazardous operations were carried out with great skills and determination. Throughout the period of operations, he was a source of inspiration to all the other aircrew of the Wing. The success of all transport operations and its impact on the enemy reflected great credit to the ability and leadership of this officer. In recognition of his personal example, achievements and his contribution to the overall success of all transport operations, the officer was awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

Squadron leader Abdul A K Raja

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