1st Battalion The Frontier Force Regiment (1 FF)

Prior to the war in September r, 1965, the battalion was concentrated near Kot Radha Kishen. By September 6th the battalion was moved to the area of Kasur as part of an armored brigade which was given the task of advancing on axis Kasur-Khem Karan-Khana-Assal Uttar-Valtoha.

On the night of September 6/7, 1965, the battalion moved into the bridgehead from across the Rohi Nullah which had been established by 2 FF. On September 7th with a squadron of tanks under command the battalion captured the Khem Karan rest house, killing many Indians and taking prisoner one J.C.O. and 22 other ranks. The battalion took up a defensive position in the area. The enemy counter-attacked this area during the night of September 7/8 but were beaten back by the battalion and 5 FF (See 5 FF’s account). The plan for capturing the Indian town of Khem Karan was as follows:,

  • An armored group to outflank Khem Karan from the left.
  • 1 FF with a squadron of armour to advance along the main road to capture Khem Karan.

    The battalion advanced on foot at 0700 hours on September 8th. . Company masked Khem Karan frontly, while B Company with an armored squadron made a short right hook to seal off the town while artillery pounded the town. The plan was successful and Khem Karan was in the hands of the Pakistan Army.

    By 1130 hours on September 8th a composite group of the battalion plus two armored squadrons were ordered to advance towards Assal Uttar. The advance to Assal Uttar was not a success owing to the intensity of enemy antitank fire and heavy artillery concentrations.

    l FF was ordered to pull pack to the area of Khem Karan where it stayed in defense for another two days and then moved to the Sialkot sector. In this sector it took part in the defense of the area under various armored formations, until the cease fire was declared on September 23rd, 1965.

    During the 1965 War the battalion was commanded by LieutenantColonel Syed Shabbir Ali Khan.

    The following officers were serving with the battalion;

    Lieutenant-Colonel Syed Shabbir Ali Khan
    Major Ayub Yousaf Khan
    Major Amjad Hussain
    Major Igbal Ahmed
    Major Fazal Ur Rehman
    Captain Mohammad Ajmal
    Captain Salah Ud Din Rana
    Captain Moin Ud Din Haider
    Captain Habib Ur Rehman Bhatti
    Captain Sharyar Khan
    Lieutenant Hafiz Ullah Khan
    Lieutenant Edrees Khan