5th Battalion – The Frontier Force Rifles (5 FF Rifs) (now 10 FF)

The battalion moved to Kashmir in May, 1948 and established its headquarters at Puna. Jhangar Dharmsal, Puna. MatIasi and Khambah Fort in Naushera sector were under the control of the battalion. The battalion itself had several tribal lashkars in support while its own companies were located on the general line of Sabz Kot-Puna and atride the road Jhangar Dharmsal-Kotli.

Sabz Kot was a key feature in this area and it was attacked several times be the Indians. Later they changed their tactics and went for Keri feature but again the enemy attack was stopped. On September 9th the enemy once again attacked the Sabz Kot feature and after some three hours of fighting was repelled.

On July 13th. Sabz Kot was once again attacked but again the Indian forces were thrown back. In each of these attacks the Indians suffered heavily. While most of the attacks were during the night, the Indian Air Force attacked the battalion during the day. 5 FF Rifs reported that they shot down at least three aircraft between July 16th and August 21st, 1948.

In October the battalion moved back to Naushera (NWFP) and was being converted into a motor battalion but within a month it was ordered back into Kashmir. On December 28th, 1948 the battalion was ordered to capture point 3807. Here the Indian 7/2 Punjab Regiment. which had only just arrived from Jubbulpur was holding a line along the Kali Dhar ridge.

5 FF Rifs (now 10 FF) launched an attack on point 3807 and though the enemy fought well they were quickly driven off the feature. At one stage the attack was held up by a machine gun post but Sepoy Kachkol Khan. who was armed with a bren gun, crawled close to the post, stood up and fired into it at close range, and silenced it. The enemy left behind some 40 dead bodies. This was a very fine action and deserves praise.

The battalion earned the following awards in Kashmir;

One Sitara-e-Jurat; seven Tamgha-e-Jurat; sixteen Imtiazi Sanad. 5 FF Rifs casualties in Kashmir were 21 killed and 37 wounded.

The following officers were present during the operation;

Lieutenant-Colonel Afif Khan
Major Samuail Nasir Shah Khan
Major F.R. Khilji, M.C.
Major Mohammad Yaqub Khan
Major Mohammad Yousaf Malik
Captain M.K. Abbasi
Captain Khuda Dad Khan
Captain Syed Ali El Edroos
Captain Fazal Karim
Captain Sher Bad Shah Mahsud
Captain B.I. Muir
Lieutenant S.R. Khan
Lieutenant Syed Ahmed Mansur
Lieutenant Masood Ahmed Khan
Lieutenant Mohammad Walayat