7th Battalion – The Frontier Force Regiment (7 FF)

The battalion had already moved out some twenty miles south of Lahore on September 6th when war with India broke out.

September 10th found the battalion in Lahore and two companies defending a portion of the B.R.B. Canal successfully against large enemy forces. On September 15th, 1965, the battalion was moved to the Gujranwala area to join the parent formation which it had left when it was sent to Lahore.

On September 19th, C Company under Major Abdul Rab Niazi with a troop of tanks under command, put in an attack in the Chawinda area and captured some Indians, including a Major from the Indian Artillery, and a lot of arms and ammunition. Members of the battalion were awarded Sitara-e-Jurat and Tamgha-e-Jurat for the various actions in which the battalion took part.