PakDef Mission Statement

At a time of new challenges facing the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, PakDef Military Consortium (PMC) is devoted towards disseminating accurate information on Pakistan’s Armed Forces, geo-strategic studies, and its nuclear and missile programs.

Despite the focus on Pakistani military and geo-strategic issues neither PMC, nor have anything to do with the Government of Pakistan, its military establishment or any civil agency. We do not receive any funding from any organization, trust, foundation, government, and educational institution.
Since its inceptions in 1998, PMC and its members (who hail from various disciplines) have been writing and discussing facts concerning Pakistan not commonly available elsewhere. Disseminating precise information on Pakistan became a natural outgrowth of forum discussions as forum members discovered that there was little information available on Pakistan, and what little was available was generally inaccurate and without context. Our contributors realized that the mainstream media around the world, as well as publications from respected policy analysts tended to mischaracterize Pakistan by exaggerating its deficiencies, while downplaying its endeavors and achievements in pursuit of a peaceful world.

Our main objective is to provide policy-makers, the press and media, students and teachers, journalists and scholars, and the interested public with authoritative information, analysis and commentary on Pakistan’s military and geo-strategic environment.

We welcome any papers, articles, data, book reviews, historical papers and articles, pictures from the glorious past and the loving present, and thought provoking thesis on Pakistan to be published on the website.*

At PMC, our mission is to counter disinformation about Pakistan by providing unadulterated truth.
We hope to be your library of facts, in an ocean of rumor mills.

*PMC and its Editors reserve the right to accept or reject any material without any explanation.