Over the years a large number of articles on Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Army Aviation and Pakistan Naval Aviation have appeared in western aviation magazines. In this section we have tried to put them all up on the net for aviation enthusiasts but please keep in mind that for the sake of authenticity no text of these articles have been changed and/or altered and hence any factual mistakes that were present in the actual article have not been corrected.

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  • Pakistan Display by Humphrey Wynn
    [Flight,14 February 1958]
  • Pakistan Air Force – Structure and Growth of the Commonwealth’s Youngest Air Arm by Humphrey Wynn
    [Flight,21 February 1958]
  • Thirty Seconds Over Sargodha by John Fricker
    [Air Enthusiast, June 1971]
  • PAF – Quality if not Quantity! by Lindsay Peacock
    [Air International, November 1971]
  • Pakistan Reorientates its Air Power by John Fricker
    [Air International, February 1987]
  • Pakistan’s Professionals by Steve Bind and Peter Steinemann
    [Air Forces Monthly, May 1990]
  • PAF Flying Training by F/L Alastair Hawes
    [Air Forces Monthly, May 1990]
  • Mushshak & Shabaaz Supporters in Pakistan by Peter Foster
    [Air World, October 1995]
  • Guarding the borders – The Pakistan Air Force by Clare Harrison
    [Aircraft Illustrated, February 1999]
  • Improvise and Modernise by Paul Lewis
    [Flight International, February-March 1999]
  • Pakistan Army Aviation

  • The tree-top warriors by John Fricker
    [Air Enthusiast, October 1972]
  • Pakistan’s Army Aviation by John Fricker
    [Air International, December 1991]
  • Pakistan Naval Aviation

  • Pakistan’s Naval Air Power by John Fricker
    [Air International, June 1991]
  • Pakistan Naval Aviation by Alan Warnes
    [Air Forces Monthly, January 2002]