GRIFO-7 airborne radar

I-band (8 to 10 GHz) airborne fire-control radar.


The Grifo-7 is a member of the Grifo Family and operates in I-band with pulse compression techniques, Hands On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS) control and good electronic counter-countermeasures capabilities. It has full look-up and look-down capabilities through the use of pulse Doppler and medium pulse repetition frequency waveform, plus an air-to-ground ranging mode.
Two modes are selectable in air-to-air. Supersearch is used for the acquisition and tracking of the highest priority target in the head-up display field of view. The radar allows the missile seeker to be slewed to the target line of sight for offset delivery. In boresight fixed antenna pointing is used for automatic acquisition and tracking of the nearest target.


As of this edition, Pakistan is understood to have procured 100 Grifo-7 radars with which to upgrade its F7 fighter aircraft.

COMPANY NAME : Fabbrica Italiana Apparecchiature Radioelettriche SpA (FIAR)