PAF Squadrons

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No. 1 Squadron


No. 2 Squadron


    • Squadron History


  • Squadron Commanders
No. 4 Squadron

No. 5 Squadron


No. 6 Squadron

Globe Trotters

No. 7 Squadron Bandits
No. 8 Squadron Haider

No. 9 Squadron Griffins
No. 10 Squadron
No. 11 Squadron Arrows
No. 12 Squadron
No. 14 Squadron Shaheens
No. 15 Squadron Cobras
No. 16 Squadron Panthers
No. 17 Squadron Tigers
No. 18 Squadron War Hawks
No. 19 Squadron Sherdils
No. 20 Squadron Eagles
No. 22 Squadron Ghazis
No. 23 Squadron Talons
No. 24 Squadron Blinders
No. 25 Squadron Night Strike Eagles
No. 26 Squadron Black Spiders
No. 27 Squadron